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 Hello and welcome. I am Robin Gladstone C.C.H. Certified Classical Homeopath. I am currently accepting new clients.
I offer a free fifteen minute consult before any booking. 
I have been practicing for over twenty years and my  expertise is with children and families. However I  welcome all people seeking Homeopathic care and will discuss your concerns before booking to see if  Homeopathy is right for you.
 My background in Early Childhood education has given me skills that greatly enhance my health practice with  babies and children. I treat all manner of acute and chronic  health challenges. If you are having  Anxiety, Asthma, Allergies,Pregnancy issues such as persistent Nausea, Post  Partum concerns, you are in the right place.
 Baby health with homeopathy, including but not limited to: Teething, eczema,post surgical or post NICU concerns. 
  Coughs sleep issues, allergies and any other childhood  illness's and virus's.

In addition: I am a RIE trained  infant/toddler caregiver.  I'm available to mentor parents in this philosophy. 
  I look forward to working with you!

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